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8 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean
16Dec 2014
Some housekeeping guides make cleaning sound like a military operation. However, there really is no need to over-complicate things. So if you want to master your home clean all you need to do is follow the simple tips below.1.    PlanIt doesn’t have to involve a colour-coded timetable or detailed schedule, all it really needs to have is a list of jobs that need to be done and an idea of when you might do them. If you live in a house share then assigning a name to each job or room can be great for sharing things out and can stop there from being any bickering or hard-feeling. More than this, planning also helps you to feel less stressed out about the mountain of jobs which you need to do so pick up that pen and start writing today!2.    Stock UpIf you’re serious about your house cleaning then stocking up on cleansing products and equipment is a great place to start. There is nothing worse than getting yourself psyched up for a home cleaning session only to find that you don’t have a duster anywhere in the house!3.    Roll Up Your SleevesSometimes we all do too much talking and not enough actual cleaning. So don’t spend your evenings complaining about how much there is to do when you could have started and finished your kitchen cleaning in the time wasted!4.    Freshen up Your UpholsteryIf you’re house feels a bit drab or dusty it may need a bit of airing. Sofas, chairs, curtains and cushions can hold more dust than you realise and can make your house feel less than its best. Opening windows and airing your rooms can help, as can investing in some upholstery cleaning products. Vacuuming your furniture is also a great place to start and can get rid of any lingering surface dust.5.    Spring Clean Once A YearSpring cleaning is a great way of giving your house a makeover on a budget and can have a real impact on the look of your home. As well as this, it can also eliminate dust, dirt and bacteria and can make your daily house cleaning much easier to complete. 6.    Have A Clear OutWhen you’re spring cleaning it is also a good idea to have a clear-out of your cupboards, shelves and units. Cluttered rooms and overflowing toy boxes can make your house look messy and can make it even more difficult to clean. Having a clear-out may take some time but will make your life easier in the long-run.7.    Deep Clean Your CarpetsCarpet fibres can cling on to bad odours and unwanted dirt. So if you want your home to feel completely and utterly clean, cleansing your carpets is a must. Vacuuming, shampooing and general stain removal are all great and can help tired and faded carpets to spring back into life. Professional carpet cleaners can even work wonders on the oldest of floors and can help to save you from any expensive replacement costs!8.    Find A Good AgencyIf you can’t face your home cleaning then there are plenty of professional agencies that will be happy to take care of it for you. Armed with all of the right equipment and products, specialist companies can transform your home in just a few hours. Remember that if you do decide to find a professional firm, do your research first! There’s no point in paying for a cowboy firm to do a job which you could have done better yourself!

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