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Bathroom Cleaning - Get Your Wash Room Looking Spotless
23Jan 2014

As a place where a lot of cleaning goes on, bathrooms can get surprisingly dirty! You will no doubt have seen how quickly a bathroom can go from being extremely clean to very dirty, and funnily enough it is because of the things that people use to wash themselves; water and soap can cause serious build up of various tough to remove stains like limescale and soap scum. Getting rid of these easily is a matter of good technique and regularity, so be sure to have a look over the following hints and tips to ensure that you are on the right track with the bathroom cleaning!

First off, look into cleaning the bathroom more regularly. Because it is a tough job, people tend to leave it a while between cleans, and this will almost certainly result in the job being even tougher! The only way to ensure that the cleaning is not too difficult is to ensure that you get it done in a way that is regular enough to ensure that the job of a quick and simple one. If you can clean the bathroom every week, you will find that the following processes are all extremely quick and simple, with very little effort required. However, leave them a couple of weeks, and you will find that it takes a fair bit longer, and you have to work a lot harder.

Start by spraying down all the built up areas with a bathroom cleaner. You can ensure that the stained areas are getting the full treatment of the cleaning spray by leaving it on there for a while, as this will give the chemicals within a decent amount of time to penetrate the dirt and ensure that the dirt is broken down by those chemicals. Essentially, going round the bathroom and spraying down areas should leave enough time between spraying and scrubbing, just start with the first thing that you sprayed down to give the maximum time between the two! Essentially, the result of the spraying should be that the dirt is easier to shift, but oftentimes you will need the right tools and a little elbow grease to really shift the tough stuff. A tough brush or rough sponge will ensure that you can cut through the dirt, revealing the surface below.

On the white surfaces of the bath, sink and shower, this is basically your only option. You may find that certain cleaning products work better than others for you, but you will still need to do a little scrubbing if the build up is thick. Using baking soda and lemon or vinegar can result in a good cream cleaner that can fizz through the dirt and get things cleaned down nicely, without the need for tough chemical cleaners. Another strange method involves taping plastic bags round the taps. If you fill these bags with vinegar and leave them over night, you should find that you can get the lime scale off very easily. The acid in the vinegar breaks through the residue, leaving it flaky and unstuck, so it simply needs a rinse!

The shower head, curtain and other removable fittings can be left in a bowl of vinegar over night to ensure that you can simply wipe them clean again  the next day, making a lot of the work a lot less over all. Be sure to leave the mopping of the floor until last, as this will ensure that you don’t get any mess on the clean floor.